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Senior Skateboard Decks are made of premium wood. We took our time to find the perfect shape. All our decks come with a medium concave that is just right. Our first edition is strictly limited and available in the following sizes:

8,00 – sold out
8,125 – sold out
8,25 – sold out
8,50 – sold out

59,90€  incl. 19% German tax


Senior Knuckles

The new bold design.


The „knuckles“ is the first series we have produced in Bavaria. We have teamed up with our old friend Chris. He has been in the board business for many years. We have known each other for a good decade and are still chipping some wood in the streets.

Chris himself takes care of importing the wood, building the machines and manufacturing the decks. Thus, each of the boards bears his signature. Chris is a skateboarder like you and me and that’s the cool thing about the whole deal. 

He literally gives each board its own polish. It starts with his work and ends with it. Each deck becomes a unique piece and gets its own character.

That’s exactly how we imagine made in Bavaria. Nothing off the shelf and everything with soul. We appreciate to see that a human being creates our boards and not a machine. We love all the small details.

Thank you Chris.

Our first edition is strictly limited and available in the following sizes:

8,0 | 8,125 | 8,25 | 8,5

Price: 59,90€  incl. 19% German tax

Meet our team and the artists

"Everything started in 1988. I got my first skateboard and my very first synthesizer. Sometimes I wonder why there is only 24 hours a day for all those beautiful things :-)"
"I am one of the luckiest guys on this planet. I have two beautiful and talented kids... and yes... we are often together on the streets and parks"
Co-founder, skateboarder and musician
"I love to make decisions and organize things. Meanwhile I am also proud of my bruises and scars from skating. Crazy, right?"
"Phew, dual studies and skating, at the same time, was really good... not. But now I am happy that I have the diploma in my pocket and can go skate much more."
"I get up when everyone is still sleeping and do things nobody knows about... then I take off my superhero cape and go skate". Dan: "Chris is the pro, that never went pro! I am proud to have him on the team."
"I grab my board and go skate. Every now and then I go to sleep, eat something and then I go skate again. Dan, I think that is enough to put on the homepage :-)"
"Hi, I'm Chris and I'm an skateboard addict. I have been on the board for more than 21 years and now I love coaching the next generation."
"Go vegan - go skate. Nothing beats a good session with my friends. I don´t care if it´s street or park - just go out and skate!"
"It´s been a crazy time. So much happened and it seems this ride will go on. I´m all into building up my own business. Love to see you soon."
"I go where my heart takes me. being a full-time artist is challenging yet fulfilling. skateboarding opens the mind and brings completely new ideas."
"I‘m Bboy Kodo, the first one who can‘t skate 🙂 I‘m a dancer and interested in every urban sport culture because everybody can kick a ball but can you do powermoves or a kickflip :)"
"after a pleasant nightmare i fell asleep with my eyes wide open. truth came up the hill to join the party. the doorman told her to fuck off. she wasn't dressed at all"
"I am tired of being stressed. Let's grab the boards and see how far we can go today."


Skateshop, Grafenwöhr, Germany

"Hey there I am Chris just a creative dude enjoying my crazy life path, be kind and keep smiling."


Senior Skateboarding
Daniel Oppl
96052 Bamberg

E-Mail: info @ seniorskateboarding.com
Website: www.seniorskateboarding.com